Vocal Toning for Health and Healing

Vocal Toning is a unique form of meditation. It can be practiced in a group or alone.  Group toning is energizing, empowering
and easy to do.

Participates create tones, basic vowels sounds that resonant with themselves.  In a group circle, each person adds to his or her own tone to the mix, which begins to build a tapestry of sound. This practice of breathing and creating communal sound is an intuitive, joyful and  playful practice that produces variety of energetic cleansing and healing effects.

Michael Gallelli, a shamanic practitioner and sound activator, will be facilitating this communal circle of Vocal Toning. The basics in the personal practice of toning will be covered, then we will tone several rounds of energetic and cleansing harmonic toning with the group.

When: August, 27th from 2 pm – 4 pm

Where: The White Lotus Wellness Center ( Annex Building )
4912 Berwyn Road College Park, MD 20740 Phone (240) 391-6742

Cost: Free – Donations accepted to cover costs.

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