Satsang – A Workshop of Devotion, Yoga, and Knowledge

Join us for an evening of spiritual uplift! Hear and experience the ancient secrets of hatha yoga revealed as we practice a special asana sequence revealed by HH Amma Sri Karunamayi. Listen to the secrets of devotion unlocked and practice inner communion with your own spiritual guides through mantra and kirtan. Watch as the many seemingly different aspects of the world of yoga are brought together in beautiful synthesis as we focus in on the goal of knowing the Truth. Whatever your faith, the ancient Vedic practices will only help increase that connection which is Yoga, and Satsang is the auspicious gathering of special souls seeking yoga together. We hope you’ll come and join us in prayer, purification, and ascension!

When: Saturday, April 1st llAM- 2 PM
Where: White Lotus Wellness Center

$30 Suggested Donation
*No one turned away*

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