Sara So

Sara SoSara So, MS, MHS, LGPC, is a licensed counselor in the state of Maryland providing counseling services. She is an advocate of holistic health and understands that the mind, body, and spirit work together. She believes in working collaboratively with the client to implement structured, evidenced-based practices that are appropriately adapted, while intuitively following the guidance of the greater forces beyond consciousness. She has found these forces to facilitate profound, miraculous healing, and defers to their wisdom. She remains open and humble to the process. Sara has studied Pastoral Counseling and specialized in integrating spirituality into traditional psychotherapy, whether it be a specific faith tradition or an internal process, and has worked with clients of various religions and walks of life. Sara also specializes in trauma (PTSD) and focuses on depth, transpersonal, and contemplative domains in transformative work. Her approach is suitable to life transitions, relationship issues, family conflict, sense of self issues, and crisis of meaning. Sara has also taught mindful art, and incorporates elements into her sessions when appropriate. Sara finds it to be a privilege to sit with her clients, and she is grateful for the opportunity to honor the soul's work together.

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