Jorge Lugo

"Every illness is a musical problem – the healing, a musical solution …" - Novalis

Jorge LugoJorge Lugo believes that we are all amazing, beautiful and powerful and that sometimes we need a little help to lighten the load so that we can feel this way again. He enjoys using the power of sound and vibration to help restore clients to that beautiful state.

Jorge spends his week days exercising the left side of his brain as a web developer. He enjoys finding technical solutions to challenging problems. His interests came into balance when he discovered the work of Jill Mattson and her beautiful, healing music. This led him to study a variety of techniques for producing wellness through sound and vibration. The one that resonated with him the most was biofield tuning through the use of tuning forks.

Jorge Lugo is a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and is certified in Access Bars®. Jorge has also studied energy healing, vocal toning, healing musical intervals and Human BioAcoustics – the analysis of a person’s voice to determine health related issues.

To learn more about Jorge's services please visit his site,

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