Overcome Emotional Stress featuring Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, an integrative physician and recognized Ayurvedic expert, board-certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) explains the effects of emotional stress and recommends Ayurvedic herbal formulas.

Emotional stress — we all have it, whether every day or some days; it’s just an inevitable part of life. Did you know that 13% of Americans, however, are taking an antidepressant, and one out of four women between 50 and 64 are taking an antidepressant medication? In my informal survey of many women, often they’re taking an antidepressant not because they’re really clinically depressed, but because they were under a lot of stress and they found it hard to deal with. Maybe they were taking care of aging parents and didn’t really have any time for themselves; or they were taking care of teens, or toddlers, and again felt overwhelmed; or they were going through a relationship problem, or a breakup, or marital stress, or money issues, or job stress. There are so many sources of emotional stress, but I would like to share with you that there are alternatives other than to take an antidepressant. Of course, if you really need it and your doctor and you decide that’s the best course, of course take the medication. But, if it’s milder, or your doctor agrees, then I highly recommend that you try a natural approach instead.

Of course, first of all, just try to take care of yourself. Try to go to bed earlier, get more sleep, and watch your diet. Stay away from lots of caffeine and sugar, eat more wholesome food, and eat your meals on time. In fact, treat yourself like your mother treated you when you were a kid. That advice is good for adults too. I want to share with you a product that, I must say, I consider one of the “miracle herbs.” That’s because, even though it’s 100% natural, it works, in my experience, almost immediately. I’ve recommended this to dozens, probably hundreds of patients by now, in my practice. I consistently get really good feedback about it, and consistently people find that if they take this herb, usually even within 15-20 minutes they feel less stressed. It doesn’t cause drowsiness or any kind of impairment or side effect like many medications you would take to feel better. This product is called Stress Free Emotions, and it’s a combination of a number of herbs that are put together classically according to Ayurvedic recommendations. Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine from ancient India, and they knew how to combine herbs in a way to create the best influence without side effects. One of the major herbs in this formula is called Arjuna Myrobalans. So, Arjuna has this very, very long history, and modern research has indeed found that it does help the heart. All of the research I am aware of so far is on the physical heart — that it helps with heart failure, it can bring people up to a higher level of functioning even if their heart has been failing them, and can also reduce symptoms of chest pain in people who have pain when they’re exercising or going about daily activities. So Arjuna now has been recognized as helping the heart, but it also helps the emotional heart, and that’s known in Ayurveda. So this product has Arjuna and also Cabbage Rose. Rose we know! We give roses to inspire love in people that we care about, or we want them to feel better; we want to uplift them, we give them roses. It turns out roses also soothe the emotional heart.

So those are two of the important ingredients in this formula. What I have found is, especially if there is anger, depression, chronic irritation or frustration, or even a grumpy day, people take this product — and again, within say a half hour — they forget that they are grumpy, they feel normal again. So try the experiment on yourself. Get a bottle, and next time you are grumpy take a couple; or if you are chronically under stress, try taking it regularly and see if it helps you as it has helped my patients.

The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained ayurvedic expert, call or e-mail us for the number of a physician in your area. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.

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