Navigating Life’s Choices: 2018 Healthy Aging Forum

Washington Hebrew Congregation


Northwest Neighbors Village


2018 Healthy Aging Forum: Navigating Life’s Choices

Featuring Keynote Speaker

Kojo Nnamdi

Host Of The Kojo Nnamdi Show

SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 12:00 – 5:15 pm

Washington Hebrew Congregation
3935 Macomb Street NW, Washington, DC 20016
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Workshop Descriptions

Transitions: Re-imagining Ourselves for the Years Ahead

Inventory your interests and learn how to explore new options. Find out how to chart new journeys and establish new priorities: careers, hobbies, intellectual pursuits and volunteer opportunities. Laurie Cameron of the George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing and Steve Altman, former President of Northwest Neighbors Village will guide you.

Thinking Ahead: Preparing to Age at Home

How do we know when we should begin preparing to age in place? Learn how to adapt and manage your home design to live safely and well. Deborah Rozell, ECHM, CAPS and President of Innovative and Inclusive Design; Christine Bitzer of Seabury Resources for Aging Care Management and Ali Thomas, Physical Therapist at Vanderhoof Rehab will help you with preparations.

Nutrition and Exercise: Strategies for Eating Right and Being Active

This will be an active session. Anne Contee, yoga instructor and Julie Wendt, MS of the George Washington University’s Center for Integrative Medicine will speak about how an anti-inflammatory diet can enhance healthy aging and reduce risk of chronic illness and how to develop movement practices that reduce stress and improve cognition and health.

Intimacy, Relationships and Sex

Sex isn’t just for kids! Learn how to adapt and grow in our most intimate relationships as we get older. How can we form new relationships or deepen existing ones. Dr. Charles and Amy Miron, sex therapists in private practice and Barbara Alterowitz, author and expert will lead a sensitive and informative discussion.

The Aging Process: What’s Happening to Our Minds and Bodies, and How We Can Adapt

Understand the difference between normal forgetfulness and dementia. Dr. Scott Turner of the Learn the current research on changes that occur to mind and body as we age. Georgetown Memory Clinic and Dr. Anca Dinescu of GW Hospital Geriatric Clinic will help us create personal strategies to put in place for ourselves and our loved ones.

On Being a Caregiver: How to Adapt to Caring for a Loved One

This session will explore a host of scenarios including long distance caregiving; the inter-generational communication gap; the dynamics of caring for a spouse or a parent. Learn ways to reduce stress and improve quality of life as well as help the one receiving care. Dr. Sandra Crewe, PhD and Dean of Social Work, Howard University and Bill Amt of Iona Senior Services will lead this important workshop.

Making Use of the Urban Environment: Transportation, Mobility and Technology

Being able to get out and about—going shopping, seeing friends, visiting the doctor, taking classes—is vital to maintaining one’s sense of independence. Learn how best to make decisions for yourself and loved ones and what options exist. Heather Foote of Walkable DC and Gail Kohn of Age Friendly DC will show you the way.

Wise Aging and Ethical Wills

Alyssa Smith and Dr. Jim Salander of the Washington Hebrew Congregation explore basic mindfulness practices and spiritual wisdom to help you make the changes in your life you need to experience a deeper sense of well-being. Learn to share the wisdom of your years and values with your family.

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