About The White Lotus Wellness Center

The White Lotus Wellness Center was created to provide a healing place for the community. It hosts a variety of one on one wellness practitioners who work together and with clients to meet clients’ wellness goals and needs whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Yogic practices and principles are utilized to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, past trauma, and facilitate balance and overall vitality. Through yoga, one on one wellness services, and community events, the center is designed to facilitate healing and empowerment for all individuals and contribute to conscious living.  We provide the following services:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes & individual sessions
Ayurvedic assessment and massage
Holistic Coaching
Community workshops/classes
Hatha & Iyengar Yoga classes
Mental health Counseling with a Licensed therapist
An integrated, mindful approach to intervention for individuals, couples, or group therapy

How White Lotus began:

Following a call and her passion, founder Anne Contee set out to create a healing space for the community in the summer of 2015. With her own two hands as well as the generous and helpful hands of passers-by, the current building was transformed into the vibrant healing center it is today.

What our friends and patients have said about us

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I wanted to share with you the experience that my wife, Faye and I had with Emily in our very first Yoga Class–Stress Reduction.

We were both a little nervous, but anxious to get started. Emily was the most amazing, wonderful teacher!! She is professional, kind, patient and very knowledgeable about Yoga. We couldn’t have had a better experience.

My wife and I both realized that we are not very flexible, but that should come with time–we hope.

I especially enjoyed the controlled breathing techniques and my Faye enjoyed the stretches. I know we were probably the worst students Emily ever had but we are going to give it another try next week. I hope that is okay.

Also, I slept very well last night and woke up late for work. Faye had a little headache when we left last night, but other than that, great experience.


Frank Hawkins - July 9, 2016

White Lotus is an oasis. Peaceful, restful and restorative.
As a long- term client of acupuncture, massage and yoga, I find the providers are expert, professional and responsive.
The community they have built together is inclusive, educational and FUN!

Jamie Hester - July 6, 2016

The White Lotus Wellness Center, through a variety of programs offered, is providing a service for the overall wellness of individuals – physical, emotional. mental, and spiritual.
The providers are competent, caring and mindful of the issues of individuals.

I am very appreciative of the providers who work with me on my specific issues.
Since attending the center, I have become more aware of the functioning my body and learning how to better care for it.

Gwenette - July 6, 2016
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