6 Ways to Find Calm and Comfort While Confronting Cancer

Guest post by Scott Sanders from CancerWell.org

Photo via Oleksandr Pidvalnyi – pexels.com

When you’re being treated for cancer, it can tough to stay strong. But such a strong disease demands a powerful fight. You’re under a lot of physical, mental and spiritual stress, so it’s essential to seek out solutions to combat the negative energy you’re facing right now. If you need help staying strong and staying optimistic while being treated for cancer, here are a few hints to take to heart.

Heal Your Body with Healthy Foods

As you go through your treatment, your body may have some unpleasant reactions. An upset stomach and dry mouth are some of the most common side effects experienced during chemotherapy. Good nutrition is a great way to combat physical discomfort. Bland foods are best before and after each chemo treatment, so stick to simple broths and bananas. Low-fat, cold foods can help fend of nausea after, so feel free to indulge in low-fat ice cream or popsicles. Healthy soups can be made easily with an immersion blender, which is an affordable, versatile, and easy-to-store option. It may also be helpful to speak with a nutritionist about your diet issues. If you’re a senior, a Medicare Advantage plan may cover nutritional therapy.

Stay Strong with Simple Workouts

Fighting cancer is physically demanding, but it’s important to still get in some physical activity. Exercise aids in the production of endorphins, chemicals that are essential in decreasing pain and increasing comfort. Even a modest workout can make a difference. Take a short walk with a friend or do some basic yoga to boost positive feelings in your brain. If you need a quick and easy way to lower your stress levels and boost your mood, give stretching a try. You can do chin tucks, leg stretches, and neck rolls from the comfort of your favorite chair while decreasing your anxiety and improving your circulation.

Find Peace by Living in the Present

Dealing with cancer can cause your mind to constantly wander into the future. While this is unavoidable from time to time, making mindfulness a daily practice can help keep you positive right now. Start each morning with an intention, to help set the tone for a positive, mindful day. It can be as simple as committing to finding joy in the simplest of moments. Take a few minutes to focus on the calm effect of a cool breeze or the beauty of a slow sunset. Pause for a moment and immerse all of your senses in these moments to appreciate the magnificence of the mundane.

Seek Solace in Positive Habits

Cancer causes severe physical pain, and it can seem impossible to truly escape. Avoid taking comfort in alcohol or other harmful habits. These vices may ease the pain temporarily but will only have harsh effects on your body, mind and life in the long term. If your doctor does prescribe medications to help ease the pain, such as opioids, be sure to follow dosage instructions. Prescription painkillers can be extremely addictive, even when taken as instructed. Stay conscious of signs of addiction and know when it may be time to seek professional help.

Embrace Serenity Through Self-Care

Facing a life-threatening condition can be devastating to the soul. Find ways to ground yourself and relieve spiritual strain as you fight this big battle. Work on establishing practices that help you take a pause, such as meditation or even prayer. Create a soothing space in your home, where you can escape the rush of your daily routine. Fill this corner of your life with lush comfortable pillows, soothing soft scents and anything else that helps clear your mind and reclaim positivity.

Recharge Your Mind, Body and Soul With Sleep

Confronting cancer can make getting real rest a challenge. Still, sleep is vital for properly replenishing the physical, mental and spiritual strength needed to get through treatment. Start by revamping your bedroom and your bedtime routine. Pick up some plush pillows and soft sheets to make your bed more comfortable. Create evening customs that create calm and help you relax before it’s time for bed. Shut off screens when the sun goes down and take a warm bath a couple hours before bedtime. If your mind remains restless, try some techniques proven to tackle a racing mind.

Managing your life while dealing with cancer can be demanding, but it’s essential to stay positive during this fight. Enhance your healing with healthy habits, mindful routines and soothing self-care. These seemingly small measures can make a big difference in taking back some control over your life, and control can make a big difference when you’re facing cancer.

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